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Malaak Comic Launching

Joumana Medlej is launching Lebanon's first comic action comic. Be sure to attend the book signing at Librairie Antoine.

Malaak: Angel of Peace
Tagline: Launching Lebanon's first action comic
Host: Librairie Antoine
Type: Music/Arts - Opening
Time and PlaceDate: Saturday, December 1, 2007
Time: 4:00pm - 7:00pm
Location: Librairie Antoine
Street: Hamra
City/Town: Beirut, Lebanon

Contact InfoPhone: 961.349.3508
Email: mana((at))cedarseed((dot))com


Artist: Joumana Medlej
Lebrecord Page and Interview:

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Arab Image Foundation launches Hashem El Madani: Itinerary

41 photographs in 33 locations in Saida, the old city.

Hashem El Madani’s photographic work is tied to the city of Saida in South Lebanon where he has worked for over 55 years and founded Studio Shehrazade. Motivated by the wish to expand his business, he set out to become the collector of portraits of all of Saida’s families. Madani photographed people in the studio, on the street, at home, in places of work, promenade and sometimes during out-of-city excursions. His unique archive reflects the very fabric of an Arab town that has experienced major political and societal shifts.

The Madani Project takes the archive of Studio Shehrazade as study material to understand the complex relationship which ties a studio photographer to his working space, his equipment and tools, economy and aesthetics, and further explore his ties to his clients, society and the city in general. Initiated by Akram Zaatari and the Arab Image Foundation (AIF), the project meets Zaatari’s interest in living situations that testify on modern traditions and complex social relationships as well as AIF’s commitment to preserving, indexing and studying photographic collections in the Arab world.The Madani Project takes shape as a series of thematic exhibitions, Publications, interventions and videos centered on Hashem El Madani and his archive.

“Hashem el Madani: Itinerary” looks at portraiture in the place of work, specifically at portraits of individuals, shop owners or workers, standing at the door of shops they owned or worked in. By identifying locations of 41 photographs, the project retraces Madani’s path while working in Saida’s streets, in the early fifties. In its first phase, 41 photographs are placed in 33 locations in the old city, and indicated on a location map. In its second phase, 31 additional photographs will be placed in locations outside the old city.

For more info:

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Ordo is a French Marine whose early life was full of broken relationships, including a brief marriage with an underage nymphet named Estelle that was busted up when her mom hauled her back home. Sixteen years later, his shipmates spot his old wedding photo in a celeb magazine article on hot star-of-the-moment Louise Sandoli. Seems the sexy blonde used to be Estelle, but Ordo has difficulty believing the inexperienced, immature girl he once married could be the confident superstar his mates now tease him about.

Genres: Art/Foreign and Adaptation
Running Time: 1 hr. 47 min.
Production Co.: Cinemaginaire, Gemini Films, Madragoa Filmes, Maia Films
Funding: Canal Plus, Centre National de la Cinematographie, Institut de Cinema Catala
Filming Locations: Portugal
Produced in: Canada

Playing at Club Social in Achrafieh at 7:00pm on Sunday, November 11th. Free Entry


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La Traversée by Elisabeth Leuvrey

Every summer, crowds of people cross the sea between France and Algeria, mainly between Marseilles and Algiers, a motley crew of men and women laden with suitcases and stories.

At sea, you are no longer in France and not yet in Algeria. And vice versa. In this state of limbo, between two shores and two countries, the talk comes thick and fast, often out of necessity. In this strange enclosed world on board a ship, La Traversée shows these men and women who relate their stories.

Playing tomorrow Monday Oct 8 @ 8:30pm at Metropolis Art Cinema, Masrah el Madina (Hamra). Click here for more details.

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Saddam Hussein, histoire d'un procès annoncé

An investigative documentary that takes us behind the scenes to reveal the genesis of, and the stakes involved in the trial of Saddam Hussein. During fifteen months, Jean-Pierre Krief, the director, led the inquiry in Iraq, Jordan, the United States, and elsewhere, interviewing the Iraqi Special Tribunal judges, Hussein’s defense lawyers, victims and their lawyers, high-ranking U.S. administration officials, investigators, and experts involved in the trial.
This unique investigation uses documents, testimony, and images that have never been seen before in an attempt to clarify the shady areas that surround the most talked about trial of contemporary times.

How did the Iraqi Special Tribunal come to be set up? What role did the American administration play in its setting up and operating?

Playing Friday, Oct 5, 8:30pm at Metropolis Art Cinema, Masrah el Madina (Hamra)

For more information: or call 03-793065

Fee: 3000LL

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BARAKAT ! (Enough!)

Algeria/ France - 2006
Direction: Djamila Sahraoui
Screenplay: Djamila Sahraoui, Cucile Vargafting
Camera: Katell Dijan
Editing: Catherine Gouze
Sound: Olivier Schwob
Music: Alla
Cast: Rachida Brani, Fettouma Bouamari, Zahir Bouzrar, Malika Belbey
Format: 35 mm
Time: 90 min.
Original Version: Arabic

In an Algeria which is still the victim of fundamentalist fanaticism, two women who very much remind us of Thelma and Louise set off in search of the younger woman’s husband, kidnapped because of his courageous articles. Their journey, full of danger and discovery, will also allow the two friends to get to know each other better and accept their respective generational differences.

Playing on Thu, Oct 4, 8:30pm - 9:30pm
At: Metropolis Art Cinema, Masrah el Madina (Hamra)
For more information: or call 03-793065
Fee: 3000LL

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